Church Officers

Ransomville United Methodist Church

Church Officers-2019:

Church Lay Leader: Mr. Tom Moje

Lay Member of Annual Conference:  Don Schultz

Administrative Council Chair: Mrs. Linda Lederhouse

Secretary – Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Jan Brooks Johnpier

Treasurer: Mrs. Beverly Jeffery

Financial Secretary: Mr. Larry Trank

Co-Financial Secretary:  Mr. William McLaughlin

Membership Secretaries: Mrs. Shirley Schroeder, Mrs. Beverly Chauvin

Auditor: Mrs. Elizabeth Maacks

Worship Coordinator:  Mrs. Amy Olsen

UMW President: Mrs. Beverly Jeffery

Administrative Council members with voice and vote:  (All members on the church roll)

Finance Committee: Chairperson, Pastor, Lay Member to Annual Conference, Administrative Council Chair, PPRC Members, Trustee Members, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Lay Leader, and at Large members.


2019 2020
Shirley Schroeder Mike Trank
Larry Trank Beverly Jeffrey


2019 2020
Jane Spring George Mayer
Conrad Janick Tom Moje
Bev Chauvin


2019 2020
Bev Chauvin Charlotte Mayer
Millie Hillman Emma De Winter